Guardians of the Galaxy - Leaders of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


If you're one of very few people, who has not yet seen Guardians of the Galaxy - then you, my friend, are a fool. A complete and utter fool.
Perhaps that was a little harsh, but how has a smart, intellectual and extremely attractive person (yes dear reader, I'm talking to you), such as yourself, not seen the BEST movie of the year so far, and undoubtedly the BEST MARVEL MOVIE to date!?
What on earth have you been doing? Eating? Sleeping? Working?
Such foolishness.
Allow me to effortlessly summarize for you, in 3 easy points why Marvel's Guardian's of the Galaxy is the BEST MARVEL MOVIE to date, and simply MUST be seen!

Numero Uno: The Humour

Yes, ladies and gentlemen for those of you not familiar with humour & superhero films, Guardians of the Galaxy is exactly that. From the moment the movie begins, (see gif image of Peter Quill gettin' his groooove on), humour is lovingly thrown at you by the bucket load. From Quill - oops, sorry dude I meant Star-Lord. Your name's Star-Lord. I'll remember next time Quill - dancing and singing to his "Awesome Mix Vol 1", Groot's adorable declaration of his name in the form of the word's "I am Groot" just whenever he thinks it's necessary to remind us, and Drax's misunderstanding of the universally recognised gesture meaning to cut someones throat (that'll make sense once you've seen it), Guardians of the Galaxy is BY FAR the funniest Marvel movie to date, if not, dare i say it, the funniest superhero movie EVER. From Marvel. Released in the last few years. As part of the MCU. Soooo, the funniest Marvel movie to date. Keep up people! 

Number Dos: The Action

Action is obviously a must with any action film, (duh, gosh who writes this sh*t? Oh *awkward*) and there's a certain type of action that we've come to expect with Superhero films. You know the type. We wanna see sh*t get blown up. Like really blown up. Destruction and awesome fight scenes like this one with Gamora which leads into something truly kick ass between her and Nebula.
And this one here with Rocket, the badass gun-toting Racoon. No really. (Pick up a comic book bro, you'll see)

Letra C: "Friendship"- The Storyline

One of many good things about Guardians of the Galaxy, is the storyline and friendship that develops between this team of A-hole's or "losers" if you prefer. I recently read an article comparing the many ways the author thought GoTG was actually a lot like every other Marvel movie, and i had to call Bullsh*t on that one because it definitely isn't. Not only does the whole film, from the very beginning have a much different and "quirky" vibe compared to the crop of Marvel movies before it, but this team of heroes, unlike The Avengers, who were put together by Nick Fury and then motivated to actually stay together and fight because of Coulson's "death", this team of Losers, are not in any way brought together by any form of higher power, nor are they obligated to stay together or even work together. The decision to stay as a group for the greater good, was their own, and will continue to be their own for as long as they chose to stay together as friends. Ladies and gentlemen, in the words of a tall. big-hearted talking tree, "We are Groot."

Overall, GoTG for me, was the funniest and most enjoyable Marvel movie to date. I simply cannot get enough of this rag tag team of losers, and cannot wait for them to grace our cinema screens again in 2017.
I give Marvel's epic space adventure fantasy comedy superhero movie, a MAHOOSIVE


It's in cinemas everywhere now!! Enjoy!!

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